Triangle Coalition hosts Black & Gold Drag Show

By Katie Pohlman

The Triangle Coalition held its biannual drag show Wednesday night in The Shack for the first time.

The Triangle Coalition and the LGBTQ Resource Center hosted the Black & Gold Drag Show on Wednesday night at The Shack.

The show is one of the Triangle Coalition’s biannual shows. The theme was in honor of Homecoming, which takes place next week.

Candy-sprinkled round black tables filled The Shack for the show. A portable stage in the middle of the room was flanked by two pride flags, one on each side. Audience members showed up slowly, but by the time the show started, there was only standing room left.

The performers consisted of 10 drag queens and kings — nine students and one alumnus, “Miranda L’Amour” — who each performed two numbers of their choice. The music ranged from Katy Perry’s “Firework” to Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” and the outfits consisted of leather, sparkles and dresses for the drag queens and suspenders, dress pants and shirts for the drag kings.

As the performers lip-synced to their respective songs, they interacted with the crowd. Some walked through, winking as they passed audience members, and others danced attendee after attendee.

Triangle Coalition President Taylor Dukes, who was the master of ceremonies, said she was excited to see such a big crowd. It was the first time the Triangle Coalition has held the show in The Shack, and she was not sure what the turnout would be like.

Audience members cheered for every performer. They sang along with some songs and clapped to the rhythm of others.

First-time attendee Mindy Mollett said she had heard the drag shows were fun to watch, but she did not know what to expect at the beginning.

“It was unexpected and incredibly well-put on,” Mollett said. “Everyone was so confident.”

Mollett said she is “definitely” going to come back next semester.

Dukes said she thinks the drag show was a great experience for all involved. She thinks it is a great way for the performers to put themselves out there and for the audience to be introduced to different ideas of gender. Dukes complimented the performers as they danced to V.I.C.’s “Wobble” after the show.

The performers invited audience members to dance with them on stage after the show. There was also a photo booth where attendees could take photos with their friends and some of the drag kings and queens.

Shasta Venegas, who performed both a duet and a single, said it was invigorating to perform on the stage in front of an audience.

“I hope (the audience) had a fantastic time and learned to look at gender differently,” she said.

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