University Bookstore renamed ‘The Mizzou Store’

Posted to On Campus by Katie Pohlman on May 29, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

The University Bookstore has officially changed its name to “The Mizzou Store,” effective May 29, 2013.MU decided to change the store’s name because “University Bookstore” was too generic, MU Marketing Manager Michelle Froese said.

“We felt (the old name) did not do a strong job of connecting the store to the university,” she said.

Froese said the word book was removed from the name because the store sells school merchandise as well as books. The shift toward electronic instead of paper books was another factor in dropping the word.

MU has considered changing the name for several years. Froese said MU paid attention to faculty and alumni input in deciding what to rename the store.

The selected name is based off a merchandise store the university opened in Chesterfield. The original store sells only apparel.

“Alumni would enter the store and say it felt like being back at Mizzou,” Froese said. “We wanted the store on campus to feel the same way.”

Froese said changing the name Wednesday evokes a sense of continuity. Summer Welcome sessions began Wednesday and MU believed that changing the bookstore’s name before incoming students arrived on campus would be more logical than waiting until the beginning of classes in the fall.

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